Packaging Innovation
August 29, 2016

Zappos designs an ‘out of the box’ shoe box

Online retailer Zappos loves to think outside the box and wants to inspire its customers to do the same. Zappos’ latest shoe box design speaks volumes about the company’s creative and interactive approach. If shoes are made for walking anywhere the customer wants, Zappos figures, then shoe boxes are made for … whatever the customer decides! But just in case a customer’s Muse has the day off, Zappos included a few creative suggestions inside the box as well (no pun intended).

This box is made for folding

Zappos’ ‘out of the box’ shoe box features various templates printed on the inside. The templates encourage the customer to rip, cut or fold the box into useful (or perhaps not so useful) items such as a ‘cutting-edge’ planter, a smartphone holder, a shoe sizer for children, … And in case you’re dying to know if you can fold your shoe box into a 3D llama: the answer is yes. Yes, you can.


“Customers will not only be able to reuse their boxes in a range of unique ways but will also be inspired to channel their creativity and to literally think outside the box“, Zappos said in a statement to the press. “The Zappos box is our way of being there for our customers, wherever they are in life, as we provide them with the things they need and love. Every box has a unique story and purpose”, the online retailer continued. Zappos created their ‘out of the box’ shoe box as part of their #ImNotABox campaign, through which the company wants to “inspire people to become the best version of themselves and see the world with a new perspective.”     Inspired by Adweek and PSFK