Packaging Innovation
October 1, 2013

Origami packaging: 5 concepts involving the art of folding

Companies are constantly looking for new and creative ways to improve their packaging, mostly by trying to reduce their production costs and by focusing on the user-friendliness of the package. On top of that, they need to diversify and extend their target market. Nevertheless, some ideas make it possible to reach all these goals. An example? Origami packaging!

When packaging becomes fun

Origami packaging: beer labelOrigami, or the Japanese folding art technique, has found its way into marketing and branding. Folding paper into figures henceforth applies to packaging, as this beer label shows. Clara Lindsten specifically designed these origami beer labels for those among us who cannot stand tearing the labels of the bottles. When you correctly follow the instructions printed on the label, you can form a delicate paper flower. Good way to entertain your hands during a conversation!

Origami packaging: user-friendly and handy packages


Who could think that origami would be the solution to take your ice bucket everywhere around the world? Mathias van de Walle created a transportable chiller that is very easy to fold and unfold. This ice bucket is just perfect to cool your champagne or wine during a (romantic) picnic.

The idea of origami packaging is not limited to food or beverages. Pago de los Capellanes proves it well, by designing a new and ingenious DVD case: the disc folds into paper when the case is closed, and pops up from the center as we open the case. The influence of origami makes the access to the disc funnier, and most importantly, easier.

Lauren Shimming, a student at the University of Kansas, also got inspired by the concept of origami packaging. Lauren Shimming used it to reinvent the traditional crepe cone, creating a package that can be sealed for people on the go. The cone can be fully unfolded into a plate, off of which you can eat.

Origami packaging: when a milk carton becomes a wallet!

As for John Schreiber, designer for Milkmuny, he has come up with the idea to use milk cartons to create fun origami-like wallets out of them. Thanks to origami packaging, possibilities are endless!

Source: Trend Hunter