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Intelligent packaging labels for medicine
September 12, 2013

Intelligent packaging label for medicines

Have you ever wondered how your medicines have been handled from the manufacturer to the shelves of your pharmacy? Some medicines need to stay cool: is that actually the case during transport and handling? To be able to trace medicine product information, the Graphic Packaging, a UK company, specialized in cardboard packaging solutions, is currently developing intelligent packaging labels.

Intelligent packaging could provide information about the condition of the packaged product during transport and storage, taking into account humidity, temperature and environmental factors. With the help of a new leaflet folder machine, Medica Packaging, the specialist healthcare packaging supplier in Graphic Packaging, is currently developing the first intelligent packaging dedicated to the pharmaceutical sector.

Developed by Horizon, the AF406T6A Digital Folder is capable of ‘intelligent automation‘. With a six-plus-six buckle fold configuration, the machine also provides flexibility.

Medica Packaging Operations manager Tim Standing said that the AF406T6A will create extra capacity, giving the company’s sales force an opportunity to grow their current leaflet production business. “We believe this folding technology will be the future within the pharmaceutical leaflet sector”, he said.

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