Packaging Innovation
March 10, 2014

Holographic packaging: visually stunning and practical

In their continuing search to innovate and create packages that truly stand out on the shelf, designers can make use of state of the art technologies. Holographic technology on packaging not only makes for a true eye-catcher, it also helps protect products against the threat of counterfeiters. Let’s explore some of the innovative ways packaging designers have applied the technology to create stunning designs.

The creative appeal of holographic packaging

Packaging designers face the challenge of creating packages that capture customer attention and are able to really set the product apart. In order to really catch the eye of the customer, designers will do everything they can. The creative appeal of holograms has inspired many designers to create some of the most innovative designs out there.

Holography is a technique which allows for three dimensional images to be made. With regard to packaging, holography makes use of embossed materials, including a wide variety of techniques to create colorful 3D visual effects, ranging from bright and stunning to more subtle graphic features. Holography packaging truly succeeds in making your product come to life. Consider the example below, for instance, developed by Brazilian designer Casa Rex for packaging manufacturer Dixie Toga.

Depending on how you hold the box, the text changes, adding a humorous twist to the package.

Practical benefits of holographic packaging

Yet, holographic packaging isn’t only used to add visual flair to a packaging concept. In some cases the use is practically motivated. Take these hair products by stylist Kevin Murphy.

In order to meet international regulations, every hair product package has to include line after line of fine print to inform users of the ingredients and instructions on how to use the product. The only problem is that when you try to cram all that text on a tiny flacon, your whole design is shred to pieces. That’s why Murphy’s design agency, ContainerMade, came up with a so-called lenticular animation that appears and disappears according to how you hold the bottle.

Holographic packaging to prevent counterfeiting

Lastly, holographic packaging is often used in the pharmaceutical business as an authentication feature to prevent counterfeiting. Many major drug companies use holograms in the form of labels, seals, hot-stamped patches, and blister foils, designed to be easily recognizable yet difficult to copy accurately.

holographic packaging