Packaging Innovation
October 15, 2013

Entertain your child with creative food packaging for kids!

Many parents will acknowledge that they need to be very inventive to keep coming up with new ideas to entertain their kids. For some companies, especially those selling products for children, this concept is exactly what inspires them to keep designing creative and interactive packaging!

Interactive packaging for kids

Distraction and interaction are two important criteria when it comes to catching the attention of restless children. Stafidenios Raisins achieves this purpose thanks to the activity incorporated into the design of their packaging. When you open the carton and empty its content, you discover the decorated interior of the box. Once the little carton is dissembled, the fun can begin, by folding the container to create an animal or a funny person.

Packaging for kids: Birdy JuiceAnimals also inspired Norwegian graphic designer Mats Ottdal for a new packaging design. He improved a standard Tetra pak juice carton to create wings and feet. The concept, named Birdy Juice, allows children to play around with the juice packaging. In the same time, the packaging becomes easy to fold and ready to go to the recycling bin!

Holding children’s attention

Packaging for kids: Pasta la VistaPackaging design is not to be underestimated, as it represents one of the main elements to draw the customers’ attention. Not to forget children’s attention, as they have quite a bit of sway over parents at the supermarket. Pasta La Vista packaging thus endeavors to appeal to its consumers by redesigning their packaging: each of their four different varieties of pasta is wrapped in a box that looks like a cartoon human, with noodles representing the cooks’ crazy hair. Kids won’t miss it!

Kido Milk and Bla-Bla Cookies packages are equally interesting: not only do they draw children’s attention, but they appeal to the kid in all of us!

Source: Trend Hunter