Packaging Innovation
September 5, 2013

Danone introduces QR code supported loyalty program

Interactive, quick and efficient – Danone Spain’s new loyalty program could be the future in consumer rewarding. Using the QR code technology, each Danone yogurt pack features a unique code, that with a click of a smartphone, will connect consumers to the company’s loyalty program ‘Alimenta Sonrisas’. If you’re a coupon addict, this innovative loyalty program could make your life much easier. Danone has also launched its first multiplatform mobile application so that users can quickly and easily scan the QR codes.

Biggest code project in Europe

With more than 40 percent of Spanish population using a smartphone on a daily basis, mobile technology is playing a key role in Spain. Danone’s loyalty program is one of the biggest 2D unique code projects in Europe, with 60 million unique codes being generated each month. The company has been working for more than a year on the development and implementation of the new codes system.

“The initiative responds to Danone’s desire to bring together technology and smart saving.”, said Danone’s Juanjo Sáez-Torres. “We want to help our consumers in these challenging times and new mobile technology provides us with the opportunity to help consumers make savings quickly and conveniently.”

The new codes can be found inside Danone products and the code on each pack is unique. For yogurts, codes are located on one of the labels, while codes on yogurt drinks are located on the inside of the cardboard packaging. The new code system was introduced in May and is now available on the majority of Danone’s dairy products.

Mobile technology

A growing number of marketers are leveraging QR codes as a key part of their marketing strategy to engage customers.

To ease the reading of codes and to speed up scanning, Danone has also launched its first multiplatform mobile application, with more than 30,000 downloads in the first three weeks. The combination of codes with the new app improves the usability of the loyalty program, leading to savings of up to €40/month for each registered user.

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