Packaging Innovation
August 22, 2014

The attractions of personalized packaging

Few brands bother with personalized packaging. That’s a shame because a level of personalization in packaging really appeals to customers. Your own name on a bottle of shampoo, for instance, is surprisingly effective in creating an emotional bond between the product and the consumer.

Personalized packaging tells customers you care

Personalized packaging is custom packaging featuring the name, image or other personal features of the customer. A bottle of beer with your picture on the label, a gift-wrapped packet of chocolate with the name of a loved one … the possibilities are endless! Not only is it fun, it also creates a great brand experience.

Personalized packaging: an eco-friendly solution?

Consider the following example. Let’s say you could buy a cookie jar with your name embossed on the lid, wouldn’t that be great? Not only would everyone know it belongs to you, it would probably also encourage you to reuse the packaging. You aren’t going to throw away a good-looking cookie jar with your own name on it, are you? As far-fetched as it may seem at first glance, custom packaging can help reduce packaging waste.

Personalized packaging adds value

Personalized products are perceived as having greater value than non-personalized products. While it may be true that personalized packaging is more expensive to make, the profit margins of personalized products are wider too. Higher production costs is probably the main reason why so little brands choose to offer personalized products. It may be a big step in terms of production but it can also be a great way to give your products and your brand a leg up in a highly competitive market.

Inspired by SmashBrand