Packaging Innovation
August 11, 2014

Will this innovation provoke a revolution in tin can packaging?

Since the ’70s, the design of tin can pull tabs has remained mostly unchanged. Now WingTab is introducing a new kind of tab that might make a huge impact on the beverage packaging industry. Most notably, it’s a lot larger than your traditional tab, which, according to the company, makes it easier for the consumer to open. More importantly, though, the new tab creates all kinds of marketing opportunities that were previously simply impossible.

Tin can packaging reinvented?

On its website, US based company WingTab states: “The pull tab is the only way to open a can, and you can’t open or drink from a can without looking at the tab. Anything printed on it, is sure to be noticed … and that opens up new possibilities for can manufacturers, beverage companies and brand marketers alike.”

It’s a simple, yet brilliant concept, isn’t it? Pull tabs, as we know them today, miss out on a lot of marketing opportunities by just being shiny white pieces of metal. WingTabs, on the other hand, are highly customizable and colorful devices that can be shaped to fulfill any marketing purpose a beverage maker might need.

A whole range of branding and marketing opportunities

“WingTab […] can be used for beverage brand self-promotion, advertising, logos, contests, detachable coupons, discounts … anything”, WingTab’s website boasts. The company hopes these extra marketing and branding opportunities justify the additional cost for producing WingTab equipped cans. Furthermore, because it is bigger, the tab makes it easier for thirsty consumers to open their preferred cold beverage.

WingTab was issued a utility patent in the US and has patents pending in Europe, Japan, China, Brazil and 24 additional countries worldwide.

What do you think of WingTab? Will it make an impact on tin can packaging or does it fail to bring anything truly innovative to the table? Have your say in the comments!