Packaging Innovation
December 26, 2014

So you think you know what a wine bottle looks like? Check out this design!

Wine bottles all look the same, right? Well, sort of. Once in a while a radically new design pops up and questions everything we know. Such as this wine bottle design for Petit Bocal, made by a student.

Wine bottle design without a bottle neck

Petit Bocal is a wine company specialized in selling a wide variety of wines in black matte jars. Instead of your conventional bottle neck, the jars come with handles. Class and elegance? Not so much … Originality? Tons!

No corkscrew, no cork, no hassle

Even better, these wine jars don’t require a corkscrew or sommelier knife to uncork – in fact, they don’t come with corks. The jars can easily be re-used and shared with friends. In a way, these are your typical beer jars colored matte black.

For labeling, a strip of paper has been wrapped around the jar from top to bottom, which also acts as a sealer for the lid. The great thing about these products is that they come ready to consume and for wine this is a breath of fresh air. With Petit Bocal, one simply has to purchase the jar, open the lid and sip away.