Packaging Innovation
August 1, 2013

The world’s most refreshing can

Always looking for innovations and new products, the beer company Coors has launched the ‘Most refreshing can in the world’ just in time for summer. This innovative package, seems very promising, but is Coors Light really the coolest beer in the world?

When it comes to beer, customers like it cold

“This summer, our goal is to refresh the most people and we’re going to do that in a variety of ways” says Sarah Ross, senior director of marketing for the Coors Family of Brands.  The new Coors Light claims to be the most refreshing can thanks to 3 innovations: a double-vented wide mouth to give a smoother pour, a ‘Frost Brew®’ liner and two-stage cold indicators that let you know when your Coors Light goes from Cold to Super Cold.

Cold activation window

The Coors Light 6-packs also feature a brand new look with its ‘Cold Activation Window’ that lets you know if your beer is cool enough before you buy it. Are the mountains blue? Then you can grab a 6-pack and head for the nearest party with ice cold beer!

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