Packaging Innovation
February 26, 2014

A modest proposal for solving the packaging waste problem?

As we all know, packaging waste presents a great problem in the modern day and age. Producing packaging materials such as plastics cause pollution, while recycling costs have gone up over the last years. On his website Disappearing Package graduate student and packaging designer Aaron Mickelson asks himself this question: ‘How can we eliminate packaging waste?’ He then goes on providing the reader with a couple of pretty impressive answers …

Upon entering you are welcomed by these lines:

Each year Americans trash over 140,000,000,000 lbs of packaging. It’s time to make some of that packaging disappear …

Twinings Tea Bags

It’s a pretty bold statement but one that seems to make a lot of sense after having gone through the website. One of Mickelson’s most impressive disappearing packaging designs is for Twinings tea bags. Instead of packing the bags in individual wrappers, Mickelson provides a solution in which the individually wax-sealed bags are perforated together and folded up accordion style.

The consumer unsticks and tears off tea bags one-at-a-time, with each second bag revealing a new spread. The folder itself becomes the hanging tag. With the last tea bag, the package is eliminated, as illustrated:

With the added surface area and the storybook-quality of the accordion packaging, the manufacturer has a new opportunity to provide information or a story to the consumer.

Nivea Bar Soap

Another amazing idea is the Nivea Bar Soap. The package consists of water-soluble paper. The idea is that users take the whole package in the shower with them, dissolving the container in their hands as it gets wet. Opening the package is not necessary and there is no waste!

Would you like to read more of these disappearing packaging solutions? Had on over to!