Packaging Innovation
June 1, 2011

Revitalizing a brand

Princeton, NJ-based LIV Organic gets a brand lift for its re-launch to meet new demographics and protect product contents.

New LIV Design

The LIV organic athletic drink originally came in a clear bottle with a center band label with the logo. After a study of the supermarket shelves and questioning kids and athletes, 2 things became clear:
  1. The drink needed more protection from the packaging to avoid discoloration of the organic ingredient colors
  2. The original packaging itself was not appealing for the active audience the product is intended for.
Old LIV packaging, with clear bottle and center band label

Old LIV design

The new design features a shrink wrap label on the entire PET bottle, and information is presented in a fun, straightforward manner. The product now has more shelf impact and the extra communication space on the label allows to engage consumers with the product. Read the complete article on Packaging World