Packaging Innovation
innovative plastic water bottle design
August 24, 2017

Is this the most refreshing plastic water bottle design yet?

Plastic water bottles are usually thrown away when empty, or reused once or twice at the most. Steven Klein decided it was time to change that. Were you one of those kids who made the craziest K’nex constructions? Then you’re going to love this.

A special kind of connection

A closer look at the water bottles pictured above reveals that Steven Klein molded a proprietary recess into the base of each bottle. It enables the empty bottles to connect to each other, as well as a number of other functional connector pieces. Throw some imagination into the mix and you can use Klein’s invention to construct an unlimited number of objects. Think tables, desks, toys, storage cubes, clothes hampers, … The bottles can even be used as building insulation in developing countries or nations recovering from natural disasters, Klein claims. Simple, but effective.

The benefits of connecting plastic water bottles

The benefits of this cool invention are as clear as the water you drink. The water bottles can not only be recycled, but also reused. Users are also encouraged to share their creations on social media, inspiring others to start experimenting too. Boosting creativity, helping humanity and reducing the amount of plastic waste in landfills and waterways … Now who doesn’t want that? Brands benefit from Klein’s invention as well. Any brand wanting to participate can easily have their currently operating machines converted to produce the Vacuum Seal Base Recess for the Eco Connect Bottle System. Brand owners implementing this kind of water bottle will differentiate themselves as a sustainability pioneers, hence giving consumers an extra reason for purchasing their products. Inspired by Packaging Strategies and Eco-Connect Bottle System.