Packaging Innovation
October 29, 2013

Perfume packaging: the visual perception before the olfactory sensation

In today’s economy, the customer does not only focus his attention on the product. The design of the product is equally important. Packaging should be an eye-catcher. Take perfume bottles, for instance: the customer’s attention is often first drawn to the perfume packaging. As a manufacturer, you have to give the best offer impression possible, as the following examples attest.

Perfume packaging: how to draw attention

Believe it or not, but many women are reluctant to throw away empty bottles of perfume. Not taking the importance of catchy fragrance bottles for granted, some companies develop their perfume packaging as precisely and thoroughly as the product itself. In fact, many glass bottles tend to represent a visual image of the odor inside.

To create the perfect packaging for perfume, talented designers are recruited. Take a look at the following perfume bottles. Notice that they are shiny, eye-catching and tempting. Some of them look like real art masterpieces!

   Perfume packaging looking like a rock

Displaying the catchiest bottles of perfume

Choosing a bottle of perfume, many people focus on the looks of the container or the box rather than on the fragrance itself. A bottle of perfume in a very dull packaging is not likely to sell. To a certain extent, you could argue that a nice package does half of the work of reeling in customers before they have even smelt the perfume. Many gifts are actually bought that way.

Average perfume stores also play on that trend, displaying the catchiest bottles and arranging them in a certain way as to attract buyers. The types of perfume, along with a creative display, indeed attract special attention to people. Product packaging could not be emphasized enough: just like many other markets, the perfume market shows that appearances frequently prevail over the product itself!

Source: Jayce-O-Yesta