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Packaging suppliers turn to serialization to safeguard brands
March 6, 2018

Packaging suppliers turn to serialization to safeguard brands

Did you know 1 in 5 consumers refuses to purchase any products from a company that suffered a food recall? Meanwhile, the amount of counterfeit products on the global market is forecast to increase 3 percent annually over the next five years. In the US alone, food recalls have increased 400 percent in the past five years. To safeguard brand identity, packaging suppliers are increasingly turning to serialization.

Serialization in the food industry

More and more food and beverage packaging suppliers are adding track-and-trace solutions in the form of unique digitally printed codes which are uploaded to a repository database accessible to all stakeholders. Serialization allows manufacturers, retailers and consumers to authenticate products, as well as providing consumers with extra information about the origins of their purchase. All they have to do is scan the code with their smartphone.

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‘In the foil seal we trust’

packaging serialization foil seal It must be noted that, next to the serialization trend, there is an increased demand for foil closures as secure sealing systems as well, especially in the dairy and beverage industry. Consumers trust that as long as the foil seal is intact the product is okay to use. Brands are happy to oblige, as foil seals are a low-cost solution which also gives packaging designers clever design opportunities such as embossed logos.

Serialization for pharmaceutical packaging

pharmaceutical packaging serialization In the light of globalization and pharmaceutical products being even more prone to counterfeiting than alcoholic drinks, it’s no wonder the pharmaceutical packaging industry is taking to serialization as well. Popular track-and-trace solutions which can only be detected by using dedicated devices include UV-sensitive ink, digital watermarks, special security labels and even diamond dust mixed into ink. Did you know? As all pharmaceutical packaging has to be GMP-compliant by many pharmaceutical manufacturers are investing in dedicated management systems like Esko’s WebCenter to ensure their packaging has all the correct barcodes.

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