Packaging Innovation
shelf ready packaging
March 17, 2016

Want to increase sales? Go for shelf-ready packaging!

Shelf-ready packaging, also called retail-ready packaging, is increasingly present in retail stores all over the world. And with good reason! Not only is it practical for retailers, it is also a great way to drive sales. What makes shelf-ready packaging so cost-effective, you ask? Read on and find out!

What is shelf-ready packaging?

Shelf-ready packaging serves as both transport packaging and display packaging. It is designed to catch the eye of the consumer and minimize the time and effort needed by retail staff to create appealing shelf displays. Although often used to present pouch packaging, it is also popular with can, carton and bottle manufacturers. Shelf-ready packaging is particularly convenient if you want to showcase multipacks or unpackaged products.

Shelf-ready packaging stands out

Getting a product to stand out on the shelves is easy peasy with shelf-ready packaging. Provided that is has an appealing design, shelf-ready packaging instantly becomes an alluring miniature display once it’s been stocked. Needless to say, increased product visibility equals more sales.

It’s easy to stock and restock

Thanks to shelf-ready packaging, retailers no longer need to turn to knives and scissors, and stock products one by one. All they have to do is simply tear the box open, put the box on the shelf and that’s that! Tip: When designing shelf-ready packaging, make sure the packaging will remain stable on the shelves even when it is half empty.

Last but not least: it’s sustainable

Although you may not immediately associate shelf-ready packaging – which is typically used only once and then thrown away – with sustainability, you can make it as sustainable as you want it to be. Shelf-ready packaging made from corrugated cardboard, for instance, is perfectly recyclable. Learn more about sustainable packaging.     Inspired by and PreferPack