Packaging Innovation
Twinkle Box with Champagne glass
October 23, 2013

Keep it cool … with Twinkle Box

What could be the perfect gift when you’re invited to a dinner party? A chilled bottle of champagne maybe? How about one you don’t have to take out of its gift box? Moët & Chandon designed an award winning champagne packaging named ‘Twinkle Box’. The carton box both serves as a gift wrap and as a stylish cooler.

Carton of the Year

Twinkle Box won in the main category ‘Carton of the Year’ on the 17th edition of the annual Pro Carton/ECMA Awards. The idea was to create an isotherm packaging for the Diamond Collection of Moët & Chandon. Twinkle Box Moët & Chandon Twinkle Box packaging detail

Casual Chic

Twinkle Box casual chic With a diamond like shape and a distinguished ribbon for carrying, this champagne packaging conveys an air of casual chic.

Both fascinating and functional

Twinkle Box detail The Twinkle Box keeps the champagne chilled for up to two hours and preserves the exceptional qualities of the contents. It only covers approximately two thirds of the bottle – a novelty in the world of champagne. Twinkle Box entire bottle The champagne can be poured directly, the bottle remains in the chilled box.   Cheers!   Source: Pro Carton/ECMA Awards 2013