Packaging Innovation
innovative packaging sunscreen applicator
July 25, 2017

Innovative packaging: here comes the sunscreen applicator!

Few things are more annoying than arriving at your holiday destination with a bag of clothes soaking in sunscreen, right? Damn those leaky tubes and squeeze bottles! And then, to make matters worse, you have to ask a complete stranger at the beach to rub what’s left of the sunscreen on your back because you’re unable to reach the spot yourself. So awkward! That’s exactly what PHD Skincare must have been thinking when they came up with their Never Miss a Spot Technology or, if you will, the Extended Wand Sunscreen Applicator.

The sunscreen applicator that pivots

The Extended Wand Sunscreen Applicator enables users to spray a homogenous, fine mist on their entire body, including their back, without any help. The extended wand sprays at any angle thanks to its pivoting action, and also comes with a user-friendly lock to prevent the applicator from leaking during transport. Pretty neat, huh? The good people from DuPont believed so too! Fun fact: PHD Skincare has now also applied its Extended Wand technology to self-tanner, enabling consumers to give themselves a spray-tan at home without risking uneven results.

DuPont Gold Award for innovative packaging

One of the most prestigious global packaging awards, the DuPont Awards for Packaging Innovation honors brands that bring great improvements to the field of sustainable packaging, customer product experience and cost-efficient packaging production technologies. The DuPont Awards cover fast moving consumer goods across five categories. Convinced that the Extended Wand Sunscreen Applicator’s unique technology has the potential to leverage into other personal care products as well as the home improvement and gardening industry, DuPont remarkably announced Extended Wand Sunscreen Applicator to be the sole winner in the 2016 personal care and cosmetics packaging category.   Inspired by Cosmetics Design Europe Featured image by DuPont