Packaging Innovation
September 22, 2016

Pretty AND smart: 3 innovative beauty packaging designs

Contrary to what the term suggests, beauty packaging design isn’t all about looks. Yes, looks do matter. A lot. But the most intriguing – and successful – cosmetic packaging designs are always those which combine beauty and functionality into one innovative box, jar, bottle, tube, …. We’ve put together a short list of innovative beauty packaging designs for you to feast your eyes on and get inspired!

1.     Beauty packaging design for caring and sharing – without passing on germs

“Hey, can I borrow your lip balm for a sec?” We’ve all got that friend – yes, you know who she is – who never seems to have her own lip balm with her. And who are you to deny her a slick of lippy, right? Someone who’s about to let someone else’s germs contaminate their lip balm, that’s who! But no worries, Balm Chicky’s got you covered. This cool tube has a small amount of lip balm at the bottom for sharing. How awesome is that?

2.     Turning up the luxury with self-heating tubes

  This packaging design by Cosmogen looks like any other tube for facial cream, body oil, hair product, … but don’t let looks deceive you. The tube actually consists of an outer tube and an inner tube. The inner tube is hermetically sealed and contains a sodium acetate solution that heats up the product in the outer tube to a comfortable temperature, once the consumers has removed the peel-off strip on the closure. And yes, this innovative packaging design is eco-friendly too!

3.     What’s the colour of beauty packaging?

  In this day and age, nothing beats green packaging. We’re not literally talking about colour, of course, but about eco-friendly packaging materials and recyclability. A smart and beautiful packaging design is also a green packaging design, like this EcoPush tube for Marula’s Lips2Lines hydrating balm. Made of 100 percent recycled paperboard and eco-friendly water-based glues, this cosmetic packaging design is beautiful in every sense of the word.   Inspired by Packaging Digest