Packaging Innovation
October 24, 2013

Functional packaging: redesigning the first aid kit

The importance of first aid kits should not be underestimated. Yet, for all their life saving potential they are surprisingly user-unfriendly. Sharp scissors, antiseptic tissues and bandages all seem to be scattered around carelessly across the box. Imagine the waste of time desperately trying to find a vital item while someone is in need of your medical attention. To tackle this modern day annoyance, Hungarian Kevin Harald Campean redesigned the first aid kit.

Redesigning the first aid kit

Picture this: you are bleeding and in desperate need of a bandage. Confronted with the mess inside upon opening the first aid kit, your despair only increases. All items seem to have been thrown in there in a haphazard way. Probably aware of this frustration, Kevin Harald Campean decided to redesign the first aid kit with a functional and brave approach. Boldly changing the kit’s traditional red color to bright orange the box immediately springs out in your cupboard or drawer, greatly reducing the time needed to find the thing.

Icons & compartments

Intuitive first aid kitDesigned for Campean’s final thesis project, his compartmentalized and functional packaging comes with instructions allowing users to find everything easily. Each compartment has an icon indicating where each medical tool is located. This first aid kit is therefore incredibly intuitive, even for non-Hungarian speakers. It even comes with the European emergency number 112 inscribed in the lower right corner of the kit.

How to use Campean’s first aid kit?

Accessing the tool is easy. Just slide open the two orange boxes. The left box contains the medical tools, the right holds various bandages and gauze. Each kit is divided into smaller compartments with white icons. It is not known if Campean intends to bring his design to market, it is clear however that many first aid kit brands could benefit from his design.

Source: The Packaging Insider