Packaging Innovation
May 9, 2017

Forget carbon-neutral. This packaging is carbon-negative!

The delivery sector is not exactly the most sustainable industry out there, isn’t it? Still, delivery companies who want to stay ahead of the game acknowledge the importance modern consumers attach to sustainability. Take myHermes, for instance. Constantly searching for new ways to make its organization as green as possible, the delivery company recently came up with a brilliant new concept: carbon-negative mailing bags. Did you think eco-friendly packaging materials couldn’t possibly get any more sustainable than recyclable paper bags? Think again!

So, what’s in the carbon-negative bag?

MyHermes’ carbon-negative bag is the brainchild of Duo UK, a Manchester-based packaging manufacturer. The bag is produced using Green PE: a plant-based thermoplastic resin made from sugarcane extracts. While carbon-neutral packaging materials simply don’t add to carbon emissions, myHermes’ carbon-negative mailing bags take it a step further, actively taking carbon out of the atmosphere. According to Duo UK, each kilogramme of Green PE saves nearly 3 kilogrammes of CO2.

Sacrificing profit for sustainable packaging

While manufacturing carbon-negative packaging materials sounds relatively simple, a spokesperson at Hermes assured the press that this is not the case. Developing Green PE takes time and dedication (and, hence, significant investment), and myHermes is the first company to have come up with a cost-effective Green PE production process. Still, carbon-negative bags come at a higher price than regular mailing bags. Consequently, in order to maintain their reputation of being the cheapest, myHermes had to reduce their profit margin.

The fight against carbon emissions continues

Carbon-negative mailing bags are not the only initiative Hermes has launched in a bid to reduce carbon emissions. “As well as the packaging, we have implemented initiatives across our network such as LED lighting schemes, driver training programmes and vehicle route efficiency plans”, a spokesperson informed us. Already having reduced its CO2 level by 32 percent since 2008, Hermes hopes to reach a target of 50 percent less emissions by 2020.   Inspired by Packaging Gateway