Packaging Innovation
March 26, 2014

A bit of sunshine delivered through your letterbox

Never thought you’d see the day you could have a beautiful bouquet of flowers delivered through your door, right? Well, Bloom & Wild – the UK’s first letterbox florist – pulled it off with a new concept. They designed a box that slides through most of the regular UK post boxes to deliver freshly cut flowers to your home.

Give your letterbox a workout

flowers through the letterbox Few people are in during the day to accept deliveries. Most of us go to work and have a hectic social life. Consequently countless deliveries are returned to the Post Office or left with neighbors. The unique post-friendly boxes of Bloom & Wild proved a welcome solution to that issue, making flower deliveries more convenient.

Cleverly engineered flat box

Bloom & Wild LetterboxBloom & Wild designed its letterbox friendly packaging to keep flowers safe during transport. The slimline box allows for flowers to be delivered in perfect condition, even if no one is home. How big a bouquet fits into that bespoke box is quite impressive.    

Protective packaging with X-factor

GEDC8125The protective packaging itself is simple, yet chic. Not only are the flowers carefully arranged and safely secured with netting and water capsules to survive the transit. The luxurious cellophane foliage and beautiful ribbon tied in the middle also match nicely with the flower selection. This really adds a delight factor to the display of the DIY flower arrangement.   As of now a flower delivery is more of a surprise than ever to the lucky receiver.   OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Learn more on Esko’s protective packaging solutions here. Source: