Packaging Innovation
April 30, 2015

Creative dress shirt packaging – folding made easy …

Is it really necessary for shirt packaging to be so wasteful? The combination of plastic, cardboard, tissue paper and hidden pins can be really hard to unpack, restock in the store and disassemble at home. Can’t shirt packaging be made more consumer-friendly?

As the following project proves: it can. Eliminating excess packaging waste this man’s dress shirt packaging presents dress shirts in a new “stand up” way, turning it into a neat hanger that makes folding easy.

Creating the ideal dress shirt packaging

The ideal shirt packaging should be easy for stores to stock and for consumers it should be easy to open and unfold. Plus, if he or she decides against purchasing the product, it should be easy to refold the shirt, leaving the package looking just as polished as before. Evidently, it would be ideal to achieve all of this without any excess waste.

Reusable shirt packaging …

That’s the challenge a team of six people set out for themselves in light of the IOPP 48 hour repack challenge. They created a shirt package the customer can reuse to fold shirts for suitcase packing or refold on the go! Provided with informative icons the user can easily navigate the style and fit options.

… turns cardboard design into a hanger

The shirt packaging can be used as a hanger too. Simply fold the shirt in the box and use the cardboard hanger to tuck it away in your wardrobe. Indeed, you won’t ever throw away the package, making this not only one of the most user-friendly but also one of the most ecologically sound packaging designs we’ve ever seen for items of clothing. Way to go, guys!