Packaging Innovation
March 28, 2016

Can plastic cans replace metal cans for good? Yes they ‘can’!

Packaging designers are always trying to reinvent their designs in a bid to keep up with the ever-increasing demands of shoppers. And to have their product stand out on the shelves, of course. Consequently, the food packaging industry is probably one of the most innovative industries in the world. And yet, there is one type of food of which the packaging hasn’t changed even the slightest in more than 200 years: canned food. Until now, that is, because Sonoco recently introduced the ‘TruVue’ can, which is made from clear plastic instead of traditional metal.

Meet the ‘TruVue’ can

The TruVue can is the result of Sonoco’s ‘Fusion Freshlock Technology’. Made from a specially produced, multilayer clear plastic, the TruVue can enables consumers to see exactly what it is they’re buying. After careful consideration, Sonoco decided to keep the metal lid and bottom to emphasize their ‘TrueVue’ has all the advantages of clear plastic containers and metal cans combined.

Clear plastic vs. metal can

With transparent packaging an ongoing trend, the TruVue can is sure to meet consumer expectations. What’s more, besides conveying a fresh brand image and enabling canned food companies to better compete with the fresh food aisle, it has dramatic shelf impact. What’s not to like? Shelf life, perhaps? Nope, TruVue has got that covered, too.

Keeping it fresh

Unlike other clear plastics, TruVue plastic is able to withstand high temperatures and high pressure environments just as well as metal. In terms of strength performance throughout the supply chain, the TruVue can does even better than metal cans and other competitive packaging formats. Last but not least, the TruVue clear plastic can is non-BPA (BPA-NIA) and thus safe for food preservation.   Inspired by