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amorepacific DuPont innovative packaging design awards 2017b
December 21, 2017

These were the best innovative packaging designs of 2017

There’s no denying 2017 was another year filled with mind-blowing packaging designs. So, with the new year coming closer, we thought we’d have ourselves a little TBT! (That’s short for Throwback Thursday, in case you didn’t know. It’s a Millennial thing.) According to the good people of the DuPont Awards for Packaging Innovation – and to us, we might add –, these were some of the best innovative packaging designs 2017 had to offer:

1.     “An out-of-the-box solution for a significant global problem”

fritz water vest DuPont innovative packaging design awards 2017 The Fritz™ Water Vest created by Solutions Inc. is a smart yet simple packaging solution that enables people in developing countries to safely and hygienically carry up to 20 pounds of water. DuPont lauds Solutions Inc. for helping to solve the typical water access problem many people who live in remote areas are faced with every day.

2.     “The most sustainable pizza box on the market”

zume pizza DuPont innovative packaging design awards 2017 Zume Pizza’s Pizza Pod can not only be used as a serving tray but also keeps pizza warm and crispy for extended periods, having been specially optimized to absorb oil and moisture. Because it is made entirely of (sustainably farmed) sugarcane fiber, it is biodegradable to boot – consumers can even use it as compost.

3.     “The ultimate indulgence”

amorepacific DuPont innovative packaging design awards 2017 AMOREPACIFIC’s Prime Reserve jar within a jar conveys pure luxury – who wouldn’t love to display this in the bathroom instead of storing out of sight? – and is a great example of innovative molding processes.

4.     “More sustainable without compromising on performance”

 peelfit can DuPont innovative packaging design awards 2017

It’s goodbye wrap rage and nasty cuts thanks to CROWN Food Europe’s Peelfit™ Can! Instead of a rigid steel ring, the can features a peelable foil seal. Compared to traditional cans, the Peelfit™ Can weighs 16 percent less and requires 32 percent less energy to produce.

What is innovative packaging design exactly?

The DuPont Awards for Packaging believe innovative packaging can take many forms. The jury set out to give special recognition to packaging designs that mix creativity with science, and by doing so shift the way we consume, live and tackle the global challenges that lie ahead. Learn more about the past DuPont Packaging Awards winners.   Inspired by DuPont.