Packaging Innovation
March 17, 2014

The benefits of self-heating food packaging

One of the most promising innovations in the packaging world of recent times has to be self-heating food packaging. The technique, currently in development at a number of renowned packaging companies around the world, should make it easy for consumers to enjoy a hot beverage or snack on the go. The new application looks specifically useful for young mothers who need to feed their baby but don’t have access to a micro-wave oven or boiling water. For now, the special packaging is applied mainly in the military.

Self-heating element in a can

How does self-heating food packaging work? One of the patent pending technologies comes from HeatGenie, a company that has been hard at work since 2008 to develop a light-weight, self-heating packaging component that can be incorporated into a can. By pushing a button customers start a chemical reaction between aluminium and silica that gets the content hot in less than two minutes. Watch the clip below to see how it works.


Self-heating baby food packaging

Now it might seem pretty useless to be able to heat your coffee when there are coffee shops on every street corner. There are a lot of other interesting possibilities, though, for self-heating packaging. Think of young parents who need hot milk for their babies on the go or military personnel that need to heat a meal in the field without revealing their position to the enemy by setting up a campfire.

Dutch company Aestech has developed a self-heating pack for semi-liquid baby foods. The pack features a milk powder dispenser, water and a baby nipple. It also incorporates self-heating packaging and convenient on the go packaging. The heating element is located at the bottom of the container and can be activated by pushing a button.

The next challenge is to create a self-heating food pack that can be used for solid foods