Packaging Innovation
innovations against counterfeit drug packaging
April 13, 2017

The battle against counterfeit drug packaging continues

The pharma industry’s fight against counterfeit drugs is long from over. International investigations reveal alarming figures: at least 10 percent of all drugs sold worldwide are counterfeited, costing pharmaceutical manufacturers over 10 billion euros annually – not to mention the dangers patients are being exposed to every day. Called upon to help identify and prevent counterfeit drugs from circulating and to increase patient safety, the packaging industry has introduced some very innovative pharmaceutical packaging concepts.

Booklet label with integrated void-seal

Schreiner MediPharm developed a special safety label in the form of a booklet which is attached to the packaging in question. Once the booklet is opened, a void effect causes a previously invisible graphic to become irreversibly visible. And there’s more. Schreiner MediPharm also added three digital technologies for extra safety:

1.     Label-integrated NFC tag

NFC tags are tiny radio modules comprising a miniature microchip and a coil. Because NFC tags are so small and don’t require batteries, they seamlessly blend in with labels. Since more and more smartphones are NFC-enabled these days, consumers can easily scan the NFC tag to verify the authenticity of their purchase themselves.

2.     KeySecure

KeySecure is a digital tracking system patients can use to swiftly verify the authenticity of their pharmaceuticals. All they have to do is enter a 15-digit alphanumerical code online, scan it with their smartphone or submit it via a hotline.

3.     BitSecure

BitSecure is copy detection technology that consists of high-resolution random patterns that are impossible to copy without quality loss. Both conventional scanning devices and 2D barcode readers as well as a smartphone app can be used to check the patterns’ authenticity. As BitSecure patterns only take up a few square millimetres, they can be effortlessly integrated into pharmaceutical packaging without taking away from the manufacturer’s brand appearance.   Inspired by Interpack13