Packaging Innovation
June 13, 2013

AidPod – Small packaging can make a big difference in logistics

Cutting costs in logistics can be very profitable. It’s usually not until being confronted with extremely tight budgets, we find the really creative solutions. A perfect example is AidPod, a form of packaging designed by the nonprofit organization ColaLife.
ColaLife did so well with AidPod, they even won the premier Diamond, the most important recognition of the 25th anniversary DuPont awards for Packaging Innovation.

AidPod small medicine packaging

But what exactly is AidPod? It’s very small packaging designed to fit in-between Coca-Cola bottles. The packaging contains a complete anti-diarrheal kit. By fitting these kits in cases of Coca-Cola, ColaLife can utilize the multinational’s vast network to spread the kits and instructions to remote areas that would otherwise be inaccessible, making a real difference in sub-Saharan Africa. The collaboration between the nonprofit and the multinational is to be admired and shows how much can be done with some good will and clever packaging. Want to learn more about the medicine packaging and how it works? The video below demonstrates its use [fve][/fve] Want to learn more about ColaLife and their mission? Be sure to visit the ColaLife website!