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4 smart solutions for anti-counterfeit packaging designers
January 11, 2018

4 smart solutions for anti-counterfeit packaging designers

As if adhering to FDA and GMP guidelines isn’t challenging enough, more and more pharmaceutical packaging designers pay special attention to making their designs counterfeit-proof. They do so because they, quite rightly, deem it not only essential to sales but also to safeguard the consumer’s health and, hence, the reputation of the manufacturer. Experts believe the following smart solutions for anti-counterfeit packaging design are set to take the pharmaceutical industry by storm.

1.     Anti-counterfeit packaging finish

Illuminate, a print finish developed by UK firm Spectra Packaging, reacts to ultraviolet light yet remains invisible under normal lighting conditions.

2.     There’s an app for scanning that

Similar to Illuminate, yet requiring an app instead of ultraviolet light to become visible, is a special ink patented by advanced materials group firm Haydale. Not interfering with the packaging design whatsoever, the ink is invisible to the naked eye and can be verified by scanning it with a smartphone using an API code.

3.     Now that’s what they call closure

Next to print finishes, pharmaceutical packaging designers and manufacturers turn to smart closure systems which often involve a wireless-based technology called Near Field Communication (NFC). KISICO’s NFCap, for instance, consists of an invisible chip placed inside a cap which consumers can scan with their smartphone.

4.     Dumpster divers, beware!

4 smart solutions for anti-counterfeit packaging designersAnother smart closure system? definitely worth mentioning is the Schreiner Group’s Flexi-Cap. A simple safety solution not involving NFC, the Flexi-Cap features a tear-off strip that is integrated into the label instead of running through the foil cap. As tearing off the strip destroys the original packaging design, users instantly notice whether the packaging has been tampered with. The Schreiner Group designed the Flexi-Cap in a bid to tackle the growing number of so-called dumpster divers, who collect used medicine containers and refill them with counterfeit products. Discover more innovative pharmaceutical packaging concepts.   Inspired by Packaging Gateway & Interpack