Packaging Innovation
August 3, 2015

3D packaging gives the packaging world a whole new dimension

What happens if a Swedish paper maker teams up with an Italian machinery manufacturer? You get FreeFormPack! FreeFormPack is a packaging method that creates unique 3D packaging, suitable for both food and non-food markets, with a custom shape or texture in a cost-effective form-fill-seal process. It is the brainchild of Italian machinery manufacturer Curti and Swedish paper maker BillerudKorsnas.

How is it made?

FreeFormPacks are produced by means of Curti’s PAM/BOM form-fill-seal system and BillerudKorsnas’ FibreForm paper (a unique, extremely stretchable and shapeable kind of paper). Running at speeds from 50 to 100 packages per minute, the PAM/BOM system macro-forms or micro-forms the FibreForm paper into 3D patterns and designs by applying extreme force to it with male/female tools and nip points. The entire forming process is energy-efficient and cold. No heat is required. For specific FreeFormPack applications, various poly-laminates are added to the base FibreForm material to create the required barrier properties and sealing features.

100% virgin fiber

FibreForm paper is made from 100% virgin fiber since recycled fiber is unable to withstand the mechanical stresses of the FreeFormPack production process. However, FibreForm is biodegradable and recyclable, resulting in a green production process.


If companies purchase their own PAM/BOM machine, FreeFormPack can generate substantial supply chain savings and benefits thanks to its form-fill-seal packaging processes. FreeFormPack can be made right on the production floor, so shipping air and empty bottles is no longer needed. Additionally, Rollstock requires less space for shipping and storage, and minimizes material waste. FreeFormPack is even greener than PET bottles, offering 70% more reduction in carbon footprint by comparison. Are you as excited about 3D packaging as we are? Learn more about FreeFormPack.   Inspired by Packaging Digest