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10 things the best innovative packaging designs have in common
March 27, 2018

10 things the best innovative packaging designs have in common

Do you ever wonder what packaging designs will look like ten years from now? One thing’s for sure: there are plenty of disruptive forces at work, driving innovation in packaging and thus encouraging the retail landscape to evolve at full speed. Smithers Pira expects the global packaging market’s value will reach 1 trillion USD by 2021 already, thanks to packaging designers capitalizing on innovative technologies and going out of their way to meet the rapidly changing demands of both brands and consumers.

Innovative packaging design in 2027

best innovative packaging design Out with the old, in with the new! Based on an extensive survey of industry thought leaders, Smithers Pira has identified ten qualities the best innovative packaging designs will have in common in 2027.
  1. Connectivity: packaging will serve as a bridge between consumers and brands, encouraging online interaction
  2. Premium materials: one of the main expectations will be … exceeding the consumer’s expectations
  3. Meeting stringent sustainability targets
  4. Integrating the latest generation of eco-friendly packaging materials
  5. Designing packaging with e-commerce in mind
  6. Perfectly adjusting transit packaging to dimension weighting to avoid shipping charge corrections
  7. Customizing packaging, often co-created with individual consumers
  8. Designing retail-ready packaging with optimal in-store locations in mind
  9. Localizing’ brand packaging, specially designed for global transition market opportunities
  10. Adding anti-counterfeiting features

Seasonal product packaging has great potential

Smithers Pira’s Simon Ford also notes that limited editions and seasonal product packaging show great potential for future success:

“One-off and seasonal product editions can be a strong factor in increasing sales, as has been well documented in the drinks industry: the ‘Share a Coke’ campaign increased sales by just over 2% in the first year and was the spark for millions of social media hits and texts and photos. […] The idea is to provide consumers with a customised, personalised experience, or at least the perception of one.”  

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