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baby product packaging design
March 15, 2018

Innovative baby product packaging design? Child’s play!

Having a baby requires adjusting to a completely different lifestyle and the challenges that come with it. If it’s your first, you also suddenly find yourself part of a whole new group of consumers called young parents. And being part of that group means you have questions. Many questions. “Is this product the right age category?” “How on earth am I supposed to use this thing when I’m on the go?” “Sure, it looks alright on the outside. But Lord knows what’s in it …” Fortunately, the packaging industry is more than happy to make your new life a little easier by investing in innovative packaging design for baby products. More specifically, the best designs focus on transparency, portability and portion control.

Transparent packaging design for baby products

We know. Food labels and pictures of happy babies only tell you so much. That’s why you’ll see more and more manufacturers incorporating transparent panels into their packaging design, just to show they have nothing to hide and allow you to examine the contents of the packaging before you decide to make a purchase.

Are your baby product labels FDA-compliant? Time to get ready for 2019!

Portable packaging formats for parents on-the-go

Your baby may spend most of its time at home for now, but soon you’ll both be out and about together. Which is when you’ll develop a strong preference for products that are easy to transport and prepare or use – even in the most unconventional of environments. Products like Huggies Natural Care’s wet wipes, for instance, which in Canada and the US are packaged in a refillable pouch that comes with a handy strap, so you can hang it up in the car or on a pushchair for easy access when you’re travelling.

Easy-peasy portion control

baby product packaging design Packaging designers for baby products are continuously coming up with innovative solutions for feeding your baby away from home hassle-free. Most noteworthy up to now are single-serve doses sealed with aseptic closures which reduce the risk of contamination and save you the trouble of having to use measuring tools to control your baby’s portion intake.  

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