Packaging Innovation
Christmas packaging design
December 25, 2015

How to get your Christmas packaging just right

Packaging is and always will be an important part of marketing, especially during the holiday shopping season. Considering the significant impact of packaging design on sales when Christmas comes around, it is wise for business owners to rethink their packaging design for the occasion. A few tips on how to improve your packaging design to get the most out of the Christmas season:

Pretty does it!

A good way to start your packaging make-over is contacting a packaging designer to create a holiday edition of your usual packaging material. It’s important to not just slap on a few Christmas trees, but to really try and create something gorgeous. The more beautiful your packaging is to look at, the more likely your customers will use it as is instead of rewrapping your product. Just think about all the homes that will have your company’s name and logo on display under the Christmas tree!

Christmas gift boxes with potential

Keeping extended exposure in mind, it is also important to make your packaging durable enough for gift-receivers to want to reuse it for storage, decoration or perhaps even as a gift box for someone else. Metal containers always do well when it comes to repurposing, although sturdy corrugated cardboard is not to be underestimated, either.

Know that there’s Christmas packaging for all

Are you a small business owner and hesitant to get on the Christmas packaging bandwagon because you fear you don’t have the budget for it? Then you’ll be pleased to hear that there are packaging firms – usually of the smaller kind – out there that are willing to take orders for as little as 500 boxes. Afraid you won’t be able to use all the boxes you ordered? Have your packaging designer come up with a design that will still be relevant next year and you won’t have to worry about a thing. ‘There’ll always be a Christmas’, after all!     Inspired by SoOPAK