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Packaging design for online consumers
May 10, 2018

How to design packaging for online consumers? 3 tips!

Some 20 years ago, buying something by simply clicking a button on a screen seemed like something from a sci-fi novel to most. Today, we can’t imagine the world without e-commerce and all the opportunities it offers to brands and retailers. However, some things haven’t changed. Buying online is still a leap of faith for most consumers, who are committing themselves to a product they haven’t seen with their own eyes. It is, then, up to packaging designers to gain the consumer’s trust by ensuring their orders arrive on their doorstep in one piece (without wasting packaging materials) and by providing them with the ultimate unboxing experience.

1. Protective transit packaging

Designing packaging for online consumers evidently means making good use of protective transit packaging like corrugated board, air pillows, bubble wrap etc. Indeed, Smithers Pira forecasts the global value of protective transit packaging materials to reach 139.4 billion USD in 2022, compared to 112.3 billion USD in 2016.

2. Minimizing packaging waste

Wasteful packaging, however, is one of the Millennial consumer’s pet peeves. Packaging designers must be careful to not let safety intervene with sustainability. Instead of overusing protective materials, they should continuously be looking into more sustainable alternatives, make innovative use of the available materials (e.g. new adhesives and folding techniques) and even give digitized information (like digital watermarking) a shot.

3. The ultimate unboxing experience

designing packaging for unboxing  videos When designing packaging for online consumers, keeping the unboxing experience in mind is crucial if you want the product to go viral. The best way to put a smile on the customer’s face as soon as the packaging arrives on their doorstep? A smile so big they just have to make an unboxing video? Replace that boring brown corrugated board you’re planning to use for secondary packaging with something luxurious and preferably interactive. Remember Zappos’ #NotABox shoebox? Look it up and be inspired!  

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