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Discover the benefits of shrink packaging
November 15, 2018

How shrink packaging boosts shelf appeal … and more!

There’s no end to the versatility of shrink film. Used in virtually any industry and for all sorts of products, shrink packaging improves shelf life as well as product appeal and compliancy. Read on to learn all about the most important benefits shrink film offers to packaging designers.

Shrink packaging is a designer’s best friend

Take one look at a random shopping aisle and you’re bound to notice that things are getting pretty loud out there. As the battle for the consumer’s attention is more vicious than ever, more and more brands turn to shrink film to give their products added retail appeal. Indeed, high-quality films with a high-gloss effect are known to make graphics more eye-catching and give colors better definition. What’s more, shrink sleeves reduce the need for extra labelling as they can easily be printed on. To compensate for shrinking in advance, you can simply pre-distort the artwork using Studio Advanced which comes with an award-winning toolkit for shrink sleeves. Discover 4 tips for your shrink sleeve design

Excellent barrier properties

Discover the benefits of shrink packaging Shrink film can be both stunning and practical thanks to the excellent barrier properties it provides. It is an ideal solution for protecting your design against any dust, dirt and moisture it may encounter on its way from the distribution center to the consumer’s cupboard. Provided your shrink packaging is fully sealed, of course. Did you know, by the way, that shrink film is a perfect solution for protecting light-sensitive products, too? Got problems with your shrink wraps? Fix them instantly!

Tamper-evident labels

The retail landscape still rife with counterfeit products, it’s up to packaging designers to make whatever they create as tamper-evident as possible. Once again, it’s shrink film to the rescue! Tip: design shrink wraps with a perforated strip to spare your audience from wrap rage.

Sustainable packaging design

A common misconception about shrink films is that they are not sustainable. The opposite is true! Not only does their sturdiness often make additional packaging unnecessary, polyolefin film is also completely recyclable. Inspired by Packaging Strategies