Packaging Innovation
February 8, 2016

Happy Chinese New Year! 5 Asian style packaging designs

Today, more than a billion Chinese celebrate Chinese New Year. That means the streets of China are decorated with bright red lanterns, and buzzing with people dancing to festive music, eating traditional food and watching the age-old dragon dance.

Packaging design with an oriental twist

Just like Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Halloween, Chinese New Year is one of those occasions that simply screams for special edition packaging. Here are our five favorite packaging designs inspired by the rich imagery and vibrant colors of Asia:

1.     Classy rice cake gift box

Chinese New Year is a time when people get together to catch up with family, friends and loved ones and exchange gifts with. Sweet rice cakes are a particularly popular gift, prompting rice cake manufacturers to pull out all the stops when it comes to their gift packaging design. This red and gold Jade De Jardin Rice Cake gift box, filled with fish-shaped rice cakes, was specifically designed to reflect the elegant and joyful ambiance of Chinese New Year.

2.     It’s origami, honey!

Isn’t this design just the sweetest? This fun origami-inspired packaging was designed for natural honey produced in Taiwain. It consists of a paper box and a honey jar with a special black and gold striped lid that’s reminiscent of a honey bee. The different colors of the paper boxes indicate the province where the honey was produced.

3.     Condiments with a hint of calligraphy

Damda is a fermented condiment sauce produced in South Korea. These modern, spherical containers are inspired by the earthenware containers in which the sauce is traditionally kept. The colorful drawings depict the ingredients of the sauce, while the calligraphy on the labels illustrates the ingredients’ fermentation process. We absolutely love the transparent lids!

4.     Coca Cola goes to China

Coca Cola is known for the flexibility of its packaging designs, as this outer packaging for 24-packs so greatly demonstrates. The Coca Cola Company was clearly inspired by the dragon iconography associated with Chinese New Year, yet managed to remain recognizable as a brand. Well done, Coca Cola!

5.     Something looks fishy

In Taiwain, the red eggs of the Mullet Roe are a delicacy and considered a great gift for the festive season. This adorable gift box shaped like a fish is not only cute to look at, but can also be turned into a festive lantern. The packaging comes with an LED light and a handle which consumers can easily assemble. Talk about recycling!    Inspired by Best in Packaging