Packaging Innovation
January 24, 2017

These graphic design trends dazzled us in 2016

Striking that perfect balance between trendy, traditional and avant-garde is what packaging design is all about. Every self-respecting packaging designer knows that blindly following trends is not the way to impress clients. And, ironically enough, ignoring trends altogether is not going to wow clients either – not to mention the consumer. Are you aware of the graphic design trends that shaped packaging design in 2016? Read on to test your knowledge!

1. A bodacious colour palette

Packaging design in 2016 was bursting with colour, from childlike primary colours to zesty pastels and even neons. Vibrant and bodacious, graphic design concepts such as Wolff Olins’ branding for mobile network operator Telia cheered up store shelves and commercial websites all over the world.

2. Back to the past

2016 was a year filled with nostalgia for graphic design. Reclaiming old packaging designs and logos was all the rage, and it led to some noteworthy comebacks such as the revival of Kodak’s iconic camera-shutter logo.

3. Deconstructed fonts

There is no denying 2016 was a turbulent year. The damaged political climate as well as the world’s yearning for simpler times left their mark on graphic design in the form of ‘broken’ fonts. We expect to see this typographic trend continued in 2017.

4. Stripping down to the bare essentials

Minimalist packaging design is nothing new, but in 2016 it was more à la mode than ever. Catering to the world’s need for simplification, busy packaging designs such as those for Sterling Brands’ packaging for Bare Snacks were cleaned up and received a minimalist make-over.

More graphic design trends in 2016

And, as you may have guessed already, that’s not all folks! Check out some of the many other packaging design trends that thrilled us in 2016!   Inspired by Xing News