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The ideal beauty product packaging design
October 12, 2015

Good looking, easy and up for travel – The perfect beauty product packaging design

As far as consumers shopping for beauty and personal care products are concerned, the outside does matter. According to MWV’s annual Packaging Matters survey, a whopping 37% of consumers base their decision whether or not to purchase a certain beauty product solely on the product’s packaging design. So what are they looking for exactly? Here are the three main packaging-related questions consumers tend to ask themselves when shopping for beauty and personal care products!

1. Which packaging design is the fairest of them all?

Consumers buy beauty products because they want to enhance their appearance. And even though most consumers are well aware that beauty products don’t deliver like they do in the commercials, they are still drawn in by beautiful product packaging. Beautiful product packaging makes the promise of enhanced beauty so tangible to the consumer that the product becomes particularly tempting to buy.

2. Will I be able to get the last drop out?

The ideal beauty product packaging designConsumers want to get their money’s worth. That means they want to be sure they’ll be able to get the very last drop out of every tube and bottle they purchase. In other words, when a consumer is faced with a choice between a product with no special dispenser and an innovated dispenser claiming to get “the last drop” out, the latter is most likely to make it to the shopping cart.

3. Can I take this everywhere I go?

Today’s consumer is always on the go – and they like to take their personal care products with them. Cars and office desk drawers are filled with hand creams, perfumes, lotions, deodorants … Even the odd toothpaste manages to find their way to the office. In other words, consumers are always on the lookout for packaging that is not just convenient for use at home, but also comes in travel sizes.   Inspired by Packaging Digest