Packaging Innovation
November 13, 2015

Drop dead gorgeous packaging ideas

Every packaging designer knows that beauty is in the eye of the consumer. Attracting the consumer’s attention is every packaging design’s primary goal after all. No matter how great a product may be, stores will have a hard time selling it if its packaging is unattractive. Evidently, it is no coincidence that the most effective packaging designs on the market are often the most beautiful. Are you a packaging designer looking to get inspired? Feast your eyes on these beautiful packaging designs!

Banana juice box

Don’t you just want to grab a straw and have a sip. This intriguing yet simple packaging design by Naoto Fukasawa is sure to stick out on the shelves and sell, sell, sell! The attention to detail is simply astonishing and exudes freshness. Because if it looks like a banana and feels like a banana nobody will doubt the authenticity of this banana-flavored drink!

Knitted cup sleeves

Soup just got a whole lot more interesting! This award winning packaging design by Thirdperson is a refreshing – or should we say warming – take on the traditional cup sleeve. These beautifully knitted cup sleeves just make you want to curl up with a hot cup of soup, no matter the season.

Flower power

An oldie but goodie! Chelsea butterscotch candies were invented in 1971 and haven’t changed a bit since then, neither in terms of flavor nor packaging. A perfect illustration of ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’.

Got milk?

Why would you buy a regular carton of milk when there’s a cute pair of eyes right next to it on the shelf, begging you to take them home with you instead? Don’t forget to buy your milk carton a girlfriend too! Those fridges can get lonely at times…   Inspired by Smashing Magazine