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Creative packaging design
November 16, 2015

Want to stand out on the shelves? 3 tips for creative packaging design

Is your company looking for ways to minimize packaging costs? If so, then you’re probably missing out on some great opportunities. Packaging, after all, is not just something that holds your product. Most of the times, packaging is what attracts consumers to a product in the first place. Moreover, packaging is often a deciding factor in the purchasing process. What a consumer thinks about a product’s packaging, they associate with the product itself. Luckily though, as the following tips will prove, packaging design doesn’t have to be expensive to appeal to the consumer’s eye:

1.     Use creative packaging to tell a story

Creative packaging design Every brand, no matter how small, has a story to tell. Consumers are interested in hearing that story! Simplicity is key, however, if you want to grasp your consumers’ attention and keep it. Evian, for instance, uses graphics – a picture of the Alpine mountains – and two simple bylines – ‘Natural Spring Water’ and ‘From the French Alps’ – to inform their consumers about the purity of Evian water. The clear and crisp bottle only adds to the effect.

2.     “Hi, this packaging is sustainable!”

Creative packaging design Sustainable packaging has been trending for a while now and is unlikely to become less popular anytime soon. Consumers like to feel that they’re doing ‘their bit’ to save the world and companies are more than happy to oblige. Don’t hesitate to use sustainable materials – everything that’s organic, fair-trade or recyclable will go over well – and don’t forget to inform customers that your packaging is sustainable. It’s something to be proud of! Looking for inspiration? Check out our article on sustainable packaging ideas.

3.     Made with love: the handmade look

Creative packaging design Consumers love products that were made with love – or at least look like they were! Whether your product is artisanal or not, a handmade look is often a great option in terms of packaging design. Handmade packaging exudes love, thought and effort, which leads consumers to conclude that the product itself must be a work of love as well.   Inspired by and