Packaging Innovation
August 22, 2017

Thirsty for inspiration? 5 creative beverage packaging designs!

Year after year, summertime equals incredibly creative beverage packaging design. With all the new drinks being launched in what is the high season for beverage manufacturers, packaging designers go out of their way to create visual masterpieces that will drown out their competitors for sure. Scroll on to discover some of the best beverage packaging designs we came across in the last few years!

1.     Fancy a glass of Homer or Marge?

We aren’t sure what kind of drink this is, who made it and where to buy it. But we sure love the simple yet eye-catching Mondrian-esque design of this Simpsons bottle!

2.     Tapped Birch Water bottle

The creative brains behind this cool design for Tapped Birch Water were tasked with designing a bottle for birch water – a popular drink and medicinal ingredient in Finland – that would clearly communicate the beverage’s origin and distinguish it from the average water. Mission accomplished.

3.     Picture-perfect pouch packaging

Whoever said pouch packaging can’t be elegant surely didn’t come across this design for Neverland Tea Salon. The silver embellishments on this flexible packaging are simply exquisite.

4.     One very groovy beer bottle

Is it a beer bottle? Is it a lava lamp? Well, it’s definitely a beer bottle. One that looks deliciously groovy, we might add. Ah, the seventies …

5.     The tea bag that becomes a bird

Whenever we think about tea packaging, we tend to forget all about the tea bag. This amazing design, however, focuses on the bag rather than the box. Based on the art of origami, the tea bag gradually unfolds once it’s immersed in water and turns into a bird.