Packaging Innovation
August 6, 2013

The exploding art of fireworks packaging

Every great celebration needs a spectacular fireworks show at midnight.  And when it comes to pyrotechnics, the sky is the limit!  Fireworks have a special and beautiful magic and so has its packaging.  We’ve dug out some fireworks packaging that succeeded in capturing the excitement of the colours and explosions of fireworks.

A different form of art

The packaging of fireworks has played an important role over the years in how people perceive the product.  Since the 60’s, the packaging has changed immensely. Nowadays a lot of restrictions are placed upon the packaging due to health and safety warnings that needs to be mentioned on the packaging. We still found some brilliant and exuberant pieces of work though.  Some of this packaging is beautiful while other examples are simply hilarious.  One thing is guaranteed though, fireworks packaging is always interesting!

Vintage fireworks packaging

Once a neglected artwork, the packaging of firework is very popular today.  Some vintage labels can sell for over $400 on eBay.  There are even communities that formed around vintage fireworks packaging like the Firework Heritage Museum. This website is devoted to 60’s, 70’s and 80’s fireworks, “Original Pains, Brocks, Astra, Rainbow, Standard, Wilders, and Wells Fireworks, Labels and Boxes”.