Packaging Innovation
October 24, 2014

Minimalist packaging: combining ecology, design and usability

“Omit needless things.” That’s the goal of minimalist packaging in a nutshell. From a designer’s perspective it’s quite a challenge to use as little materials as possible while striving for quality. From a brand’s perspective, minimalist packaging is more than a design choice: it’s a statement.

While blister packaging is a good illustration of what the minimalist approach entails, great packaging it is not! Thus minimalist packaging should be more than a packaging design strategy aimed at using as little resource materials as possible. It’s a design choice combining aspects such as ecology, usability and beauty into a single, clever and distinct-looking package. Here are some examples to illustrate our point.

Puma’s Clever Little Bag

A truly landmark piece of minimalist packaging design is Puma’s Clever Little Bag. Reducing the amount of cardboard by 65 percent, Puma is able to eliminate 8,500 tons of paper in its production process. Consequently, the lightweight package reduces transportation costs and carbon emissions in the shipping process. Not to mention its astounding looks!

Pouch foods

Squeezable pouches are a blast to use, especially when you have young children. Simply push the package and out comes your food, without any mess whatsoever! They’re a prime example of how to use less material, without sacrificing user-friendliness. Therefore, pouch foods definitely deserve a place in our best-of list.

Apple products

Making a best-of minimalist packaging list without including Apple? That’s a no-go. For Apple the packaging is the product: high-quality, clean design and adding value to your purchase – it just works!

The Gift of Nothing

While technically speaking this doesn’t really categorize as “product packaging”, we love the statement: this ‘Gift of Nothing” can be bought through Amazon “for those who already have everything”. What is it? A simple plastic bulb containing nothing but air. Minimalism taken to the extreme!