Packaging Innovation
November 12, 2013

Inspiring energy drink packaging

Analyzing the energy drink market, one may notice a lack of innovation in packaging, as well as in materials and shapes used for energy drinks. However, some energy drink packaging ideas stand out by their unique concept. This is undoubtedly the case for the ‘Rise and Shine’ bottle, designed after light bulbs.

The light bulb, symbol of creativity

Unsatisfied by the lack of inventiveness in energy drink packaging, the Romanian design office Remark Studio came up with a new idea to create a memorable energy drink. Named “Rise & Shine”, the concept is inspired by light bulbs and electricity. As a matter of fact, the bottle looks exactly like a light bulb that can be unscrewed.

The comparison goes further: Remark Studio suggested that the bottle should be made of thermo sensitive materials, so as to be bright when removed from the fridge and gradually turn to a duller color when consumed. With an aluminum cap transparent bottle, this disruptive concept certainly sets itself apart from many other types of energy drink packaging.

More energy drink packaging

Other attempts have been made in the field of energy drink packaging. Some of them are worth noticing. Inspired by pills, the following container opens up from the top to reveal the bottle. Moreover, the cap can be used as a glass.

Find out innovative concepts for energy drink packaging !

Packaging designers are obviously inspired by everything. Besides light bulbs and pills, Pirelli tires form another source of inspiration for a new energy drink design. The surface of both the bottle and the can feels like a tire surface.

Let’s conclude this overview with superheroes. The energy drink ‘Super Hero’ uses the concept of power to establish a clear link between superheroes and energy drinks.

Find out innovative concepts for energy drink packaging ! Sources: Packaging of the world & Web Design Packaging