Packaging Innovation
May 18, 2015

How to get that handmade look in packaging? A soap story …

Handmade products deserve handmade packaging. A great example of packaging that succeeds in creating a handmade feel is Savon Stories. The soap manufacturer asked design studio Menta to come up with a soap packaging design worthy of their organic product. This is what they had to offer …

Savon Stories, specialized in handcrafted soap

Savon Stories is an English company specialized in the handcraft of 100% organic soaps produced in small batches. Savon Stories uses  a cold-processed method that retains all nourishing properties to feed the skin. For visual inspiration, the design team looked for packaging from the 1800s, as well as soap posters from that period.

The handmade feel of the soap packaging

In order to retain the distinguished handmade look and feel of the soap the packaging design was handcrafted using watercolors, guache and hints of thin lines. A subtle color palette was selected to let the artwork speak for itself against a white background.

But let’s not spoil everything by overanalyzing the whole thing, simply enjoy the beautiful packaging design.