Packaging Innovation
June 24, 2014

Hat-trick scoring packs: the best World Cup inspired packaging

The FIFA World Cup in Brazil is in full swing, and so is merchandising inspired by the major soccer event. As teams around the world put their best foot forward to beat their rivals, so do packaging designers from Algeria to Uruguay. By creating eye-catching product packaging focused on the World Cup, they try to win over the toughest football adversaries and inspire the most fervent football-minded consumers around the world.

Mini Babybel

For their flagship product Babybel, French cheese maker Bel Brands came up with a simple, yet effective redesign. Honoring the World Cup the famous red wax packaging is treated to a couple of additional black touches, mimicking a real football.

“We are the champions!”

Numerous companies draw their inspiration from the famous gold trophy the winning country is rewarded with. American beer maker Budweiser uses an image of the iconic trophy to replace the regular packaging, while Brazilian chocolate manufacturer Garoto released a new trophy shaped bar.


McDonald’s, a long-time sponsor of the FIFA event, mixes art with football in their redesigned French fry cartons, depicting the various flags and colors of nations entering the competition.

Packaging designs in support of the national team

If you enjoy M&M’s and you live in Germany, chances are you may have come across this bag, containing exclusively black, red and yellow pieces of chocolate candy – the colors of the German flag.

  Coca-Cola cleverly redesigned their cans to depict players of the national team. Here, you see the Belgium Red Devils – collectors who want them all have to drink a lot of Coke.

Dutch beer maker Heineken cheers on its national team ‘Oranje’ (‘orange’) in a bold and inspirational redesign of their cans – ‘Hup’ is Dutch for ‘Come on!’

Did you come across another great example of World Cup inspired packaging? Let us know in the comments!