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flexographic printing inks
March 14, 2016

Flexographic printing: the coolest inks ever made!

When flexography made its way to mainstream printing back in 1990, it opened up a whole new world of possibilities for creative packaging design. Designers not only had a wide range of printing substrates (including plastic, cellophane and metallic film) to choose from, but they also had a broad selection of innovative inks at their fingertips. Here’s our top 5 of the coolest inks for flexographic printing we’ve come across so far!

1.     Touch ‘n Smell ink

Touch ‘n Smell is ink that you can – you’ve guessed correctly – smell after you’ve touched it. Arguably the coolest ink out there, this scented ink adds an element of surprise to your packaging design and allures the consumer’s senses. Touch ‘n Smell scents include wood, plants, fruit, vegetables and herbs.

2.     Photochromic ink

Now you see it, now you don’t! Photochromic ink is colorless when viewed under artificial light, but gets a (reversible) color when exposed to the sun. Good to know: photochromic ink is also available in color-to-color.  

3.     Hydrochromic ink

Hydrochromic ink looks white when dry, but becomes visible when wet. It is most often used to hide images and adds a touch of magic to packaging or promotional material. Once dry, the ink turns back to white.

4.     Thermochromic ink

Thermochromic ink changes color when exposed to different temperatures. Although we have our doubts concerning the usefulness of these color-changing Coca-Cola cans, the idea sure is cool!

5.     Glow in the dark ink

An oldie but goodie, this phosphorescent ink turns a bright color (usually green) in the dark when it has been exposed to bright light.

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