Packaging Innovation
September 12, 2014

Feed your craving for chocolate with these 10 confectionery packaging designs

It’s a well-known fact that brands have only 3 seconds on average to persuade supermarket customers to buy their product. Consequently, there is a trend for all confectionery packaging materials to become increasingly sophisticated. Let’s have a look at some of the most striking examples.

As is the case for other types of product packaging, confectionery packaging makes use of unusual shapes, vivid colors, strong typography and unique textures (among others) to help draw attention on the shelf.

Confectionery packaging helps consumers decide

Confectionery packaging designers do everything they can to make their product stand out on the shelf because consumers tend to decide within three seconds whether they will buy that bar of chocolate from company X or from company Y. This decision is mostly based on looks.

These are some of the best-looking sophisticated confectionery packaging designs around. Be inspired!

1. La Nevateria by Bisgràfic


2. IKEA by Stockholm Design Lab


3. Hatziyiannakis by mousegraphics


4. Walker’s Chocolate by Bridgemark


5. Lyons by jkr


6. Dallmayr by Factor Product München


7. Selfridges Selections

confectionery packaging      

8. Cuberdons Léopold by Jérôme Stéfanski


9. Chocolates with Attitude by Bessermachen for Brandhouse


10. Swoon Cookie Crafters by Meers

confectionery packaging