Packaging Innovation
August 20, 2013

Custom packaging for the best user experience

Each season, thousands of new products are launched and released on the consumermarket. Design and quality of product packaging can make or break the success of retail items. Custom packaging is designed to stand out and give the customer a unique experience, from the packaging, as well as the product. Check out the best examples of innovative custom packaging

Breakfast milk drink on the go

A survey conducted in the UK shows that only 34% of people eat breakfast on a regular basis simply because most people don’t take the time for it, illustrating a huge potential market for new breakfast options. For the breakfast skippers, Fresh Marketing recently launched Liquid Fuel, a range of ambient milk-based breakfast drinks offering a time-saving, easy to grip solution. The Tetra Prisma Aseptic 330ml carton incorporates DreamCap, a new closure that has been “specifically designed so it’s comfortable and easy to drink from while on the move”. Liquid fuel is a convenient answer to consumers increasingly looking for portable and healthy breakfast options.

Fruits in a bottle

Fruits come in all shapes and colors and seem to be a neverending source of inspiration for package designers. Quick Fruit is designed to present a viable alternative for the messy process of slicing fruit. The idea behind the packaging is a fruit cut in half showing the core of the fruit as the lid for the cup. It features a built-in spoon for extra convenience, and fits perfectly into the palm of the hand.

Pére juice is an exotic, 100% natural juice. The bottle is shaped after the organic shape of a pear, emphasizing its true roots and its integrity as an all-natural product. The packaging is successful because of its size, shape and colors. The size is just right as it fits nicely into the palm of your hand, the shape is unique and fun, and the colors are earthy and fresh-looking.

Clever pop corn bowl

Looking for a fresh idea for popcorn lovers who don’t like sticky fingers? Orville Redenbacher (ConAgra Foods) came with the idea of the Pop Up Bowl . This product unfolds, pops, and then transforms itself into an actual bowl right inside the microwave. The popcorn pops the same way a regular bag of microwave popcorn pops. And when the popcorn is ready, you rip off the one side of the bag and it becomes a bowl. Since the introduction of the Pop Up Bowl packaging in March 2011, ConAgra Foods’ sales were more than doubled.

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