Packaging Innovation
What is it about packaging designers that allows them to make all these creative packaging designs? Is it a matter of innate talent, or is there more to it?
September 1, 2014

Creative packaging design: merely a question of talent?

You are either creative or analytical, that’s the adage many people today still live by and act on. Recent findings, however, suggest this saying might be flawed. Scientific research has discovered that creativity, to a certain extent, can be learned and acquired through exercise. It’s an interesting thought for packaging designers, striving to do better with every design they make.

Creative vs analytical

Designers are generally considered to fall in the category of the creative people, while accountants, physicists and bankers are considered non-creative. The preconception here is that when you’re good with numbers and science you are naturally a non-creative person; if you can draw or paint well you must be creative.

While it’s undeniably true that some people are born with more creative skills than others, in recent years evidence has emerged that creativity and creative thinking skills can indeed be taught, learned and practiced.

How can you “learn” creative packaging design?

For packaging designers who want to lift their work to the next level this must be good news! It means they can further increase their skills and come up with even better designs. So how do you acquire new creative skills?

In his book “Breakthrough Thinking: a Guide to Creative Thinking and Idea Generation”, the author Thomas Vogel states:

“Creativity is a broad and complex topic that cannot be achieved through one-time workshops or quick fixes. Mastering the skill of creative thinking takes time, dedication and practice. It involves an active mind that will become more and more open to fresh ideas and seeing new ways of doing things.”

Take your time

Creative thinking is about forcing the brain to give up old patterns and search for new ones. It’s a skill that comes more easily over time. So what can “creatives” like packaging designers get from this? Perhaps the most important message is to just keep trying.

Even if your designs aren’t up to scratch now, you are still learning and becoming better as time progresses. It’s a matter of perseverance rather than innate talent.

So, becoming a great packaging designer is a way of life.